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[SOLVED] Cannot remove Beyond Boulder Dome....



Alright, hello!

So I tried to remove boulder dome because simply i didn't like the mod at all, but everytime I do that, the Bashed Patch ****s up and says MISSING MASTER DOMECITY.ESM!

I tried to rebuild the batch and it gives me the same ******* ********, how do I remove this master from the bashed patch?

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There is probably another mod in the guide that has a compatibility patch or something for BBD.  You should do a "find" search in the guide for "dome" to see, then remove the patch, which will remove the master requirement.  The other thing is that you have to rebuild your bashed patch.


EDIT: I couldn't find any other patches in the guide for compatibility for BBD, so it looks like you just have to rebuild your bashed patch, which you should do anytime you remove/add/move plugins (.esps or .esms) in your setup.

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