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TROLL (by Kajuan)


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Discussion thread:

TROLL by Kajuan

Wiki Link


Retexture of the trolls in Skyrim.



Vanilla >> TROLLS (2K)






After seeing the author's before and after images (having never looked at them before on my own), anyone that says these are "upscaled vanilla textures with filters", I'm going find and slap. :bat: :angel:


There is very obviously custom work going on here. These trolls look great in the shots (haven't tested in-game yet). Better fur, better mouth textures, new skin, new eyes...

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Looks upscaled.




Comments like this, while making perfect sense when viewed in context of other threads, and taking the personality of the commenter in mind, need to be made in the knowledge that they may be viewed in isolation, such as in Google search results, and therefore the context will be lost.


When sarcasm/jest is being used there are many reasons why it won't be translated correctly by other readers. Perhaps a small addition of /*sarcasm*/, or similar, to remove any doubt could be added.


STEP doesn't wish to stifle humour or personality but we also wish to convey the correct view to readers that come here from other sources that are looking for genuine constructive criticism. 



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Slaps all around! I'll even come to you Tech!


Looks better than the other ones for sure, but are you PR for this guy Tech or are you in charge of marketing?

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