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Jaggarsfeld Extended (by TechAngel85)

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Jaggarsfeld Extended by TechAngel85
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An extension mod for the player home, Jaggarsfeld, which provides fixes and corrections to the original mod.


Version 2.0 released (final version)

I've updated the mod to v2.0. This will be the final version of the mod. I will do a few tweaks here and there, but this is the final major release. That means nothing else spectacular is coming to this mod. At the very least, Jaggarsfeld is fixed for the users who still love this player home. I will update eventually with patches of the lighting mods as optional downloads.


So what will I be doing? I'll be continuing my work with STEP, but I have also taken a position on the Relighting Skyrim team to redo Relighting Skyrim from the ground up. These two projects will be taking up most of my time, but I still want to build my own house mod eventually so that might be in the works when I have time.


Jaggarsfeld Development Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z7Ze2H_K0HFm9dKFyjS1dTU_yOsup3py0IqVUPBY02Y/edit?usp=sharing

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Updated mod to version 1.1.

=== NavMesh Edits ===

- Fixed several cell transitions which weren't aligned properly, thus not allowing NPCs to pass through the cells in these locations.

- Reworked the navmesh for the walkway around the cabin from scratch. It's cleaner now.

- Added navmesh for the front flower garden
--- This area wasn't navmeshed so followers wouldn't enter. Will be helpful for future plans.

- Marked the navmesh for the water as water so NPCs that can't swim will not attempt to do so. This really isn't an issue right now, but wanted to do it properly.

- Fixed animal paths.
--- I confirmed deer were still getting stuck in one of the corners. I thought they might be because I had not completed the pathing for the animals yet. I finally did this so the animals will no longer get stuck due to navmesh issues. I tested the pathes for both the deer and the hare to confirm they could navigate the entire cell for each cell.

=== Water Edits ===

- Velocity of the water has be slowed.
--- I noticed the water was hard to swim in and then I noticed the animals having an even harder time. It has been decreased a factor of (+1). Original is (-3) so the new setting is (-2).

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Don't forget to PM yourself on the Nexus for your shiny author badge! 


Edit: Endorsed as the fixes look good. Was the Navmeshing a pain or was it okay?

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I see people are complaining about a scripted item sorter? If you don't want to pull that, just go to the Bethsoft forums and see if you can get someone to sort it out for you. It sounds cheeky, but there were quite a few willing to help back when I was trying to figure stuff out. I am really good with older game scripting, but the one in Skyrim just sucks for me. I loved having everything written down on one 'sheet' before.


I also visited the mod and put a link in a big font because I am actually annoyed the author would not at least put a link on the description for you. I hope you are okay with that? It just boils my blood!

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I never really asked for a link, but putting one up would be nice so that player's new to this great house mod (like me) would know that there's a mod available that fixes things until the authors return and fix these things themselves. Though it's been nearly two years since the last update.


As for the scripts, I haven't decided on this yet. The authors used a modder's resource which is linked in their description. If it needs fixing, that resource would need to be fixed. I've thought about switching it out for that General Stores mod just for the experience. One of the users on Nexus also suggested this. With doing this switch, I've thought about doing away with the auto-sort feature to make it more realistic and more lore and vanilla friendly. That might not be well received though because it is a convenient feature to have. General Stores has an auto-sort feature as well, but there are some issues with it that aren't present when you don't use it.


The thing is, I don't know if the current scripts are broken under normal use or not. I've not experienced any issues yet. I know some users like to increase their carry weight using the console to effectively cheat. This practice will not be supported. So if the current scripts don't break under normal use, there's no point in changing the system out.


What I really need is more feedback. I've asked users to report any issues, but apparently they're just happy issues are getting fixed. None have really said what the issues are. I'll have to dig through the original mod's posts to find them, I guess.

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Haven't looked into it, but embedding the call of that scrit with a small "If _UseAutoSorting.GetValue()>0)", with _UseAutoSorting a property pointing at a global variable with the same name, you should be able to allow users to turn off the auto-sorting by typing "set _UseAutoSorting to 0" in their console.

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Tech I got the author to agree to perhaps giving you permission to work on the main mod. He is sending you a PM on Nexus I think. I hope I did okay!

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Haven't gotten anything yet, but I'd have to think about that one. It would mean redoing all the work I've already done again...for a third time...eh. I'd also most likely have to run through them every change I make...eh. Unless I had full freedom to do as I wished, it might not be worth the investment. I guess we'll see.


The main purpose of this extension is to fill the gap between now and when the authors return. They don't consider the mod to be "abandoned", although they still post from time to time, two years without an update is pretty abandoned imo because if the mod isn't getting updated and fixed then it's just going to die out. Proof of this are the users thanking me for the updates and fixes. They love the player home, but can't support it if the authors don't support them with needed fixes and updates.


I really have no beef with the authors. I'm just stating my views. I love this player home mod. If I didn't, I wouldn't bother fixing it up and making it more functional for more play styles.

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I love you too Tech!  ::P:


Can't you just merge the changes and then clean it up or something? What I was thinking though is that you could access the mod and tell users to grab your file in the form of an update on that page. You wouldn't have to re-do anything then and it would allow people to actually see it and download it easily. Let's face it, like my chimney extension file, no one is actually aware of it. People just don't search for these things. I bet there are a tonne of brilliant extensions that are rotting right now sadly. 



I contacted the 'Jack' guy by the way and he was very nice. He said you spoke to the other guy and said he wanted to sort it out with you. It sounded like the co-author was wrong to not give you more help and access.


Edit: Keep us updated anyway and if he doesn't contact you in the next few days, I would just send one over first. He got back to me literally the next day or sooner even.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Released version 1.2:



Fixed Elder Scroll (Dragon) display
(requires cleaning the save...see instructions in description)


This...was fun! The fix ended up being super simple; however, the information needed to be gathered to find out if the fix would not cause any other issues was fun. A big shout out to Kryptopyr and RobinHood for helping me! The fix was to simply change the item the display was referencing. However, there was some misinformation on the UESP that was causing some confusion. This information stated the original elder scroll (formID: 0002D513) was not only renamed, but also had its formID changed (xx0126DC) by Dawnguard. After I did some investigating in TES5Edit, something didn't feel right about this. Dawnguard did in fact change the name of the original scroll from "Elder Scroll" to "Elder Scroll (Dragon)"; however, this was done to the original formID (0002D513) from the vanilla game. Dawnguard then had the second scroll (xx0126DC) added as a separate item entirely. I PM'ed a bunch of knowledgeable people hoping that one would find the information I discovered intriguing enough to seek the answer to whether or not Dawnguard was, in fact, changing the formID or not. This information was essential to apply a proper fix.


Turns out, the answer is no. Dawnguard does not change the formID. Kryptopyr and RobinHood discovered that during the DLC1VQElder quest (where you can sell the scroll to Urag), the original scroll is deleted from the game in vanilla Skyrim. The Dawnguard DLC adds the ability to repurchase the scroll from Urag; however, since it was deleted by selling it, the game must create a new one. The new one created has the same formID as the original. If you never, sell it, then this deletion and recreation never happens and the original scroll is used for Dawnguard. So you might be wondering where this other scroll (xx0126DC) comes into play. The answer is, it doesn't. It's never added to the game. The scroll is apparently a leftover in the DLC from testing. So there you have it! The whole story laid out. The original Jaggarsfeld authors most likely made this mistake based off the information on UESP, which has since been edited and corrected as a result of this entire investigation.


*This was also confirmed by Arthmoor when he was able to reply.


Fixed Claw and Paragon display lighting
Added an extra light source to both these displays. There were only one bulb for the displays, however, there are two light sources (wall lights or candles). I added a second bulb and centered the bulbs on their sources. Yay for more realistic lighting!


Added candlehorn
There's been a lot of complaints about the interior lighting inside the cabin. I added a candledhorn on the nightstand, next to the bed to help add some light. In doing this, I also removed the book that was in this location. It was only there for decoration and since I've changed the decor, the book got the axe. I also slightly brighten the light from the candlehorn stand in the corner by the bookcases.

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New update coming this evening (if all goes well). It'll have some exciting changes/fixes so stay tuned! This will be the final update for several weeks because after this I'm going to start working on the follower support which will take a while. Up till now, I've only been doing fixes to the mod. The follower support will be the first real addition and with it, the entire sub-level will be redesigned! I'll post my plans when I have them finalized.


A quick update on the authors:

I still have not heard from either of them. I've sent both a PM on Nexus; however, neither have even read them after several weeks. If they're not going to work on Jaggarsfeld at all, I'm hoping they're turn it over to me for all the work I've put into fixing it. If they do, I hope to remove the Hearthfire requirement from the mod. After playing Hearthfire for a while now, it's seriously lacking. I would like to remove it from Jaggarsfeld so those users without it can still enjoy this wonderful player home.

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