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Mod Organizer not starting the FNV 4GB Loader



Worked last night woke up and continued on this guide


And now Mod Organizer can't boot it






edit2: Tried adding "-laaexe .\FalloutMO.exe" to the arguements, changes whats happening, but didnt fix it(now a small little loading bar blinks)

edit3: Uninstalled the 4gb loader by moving away the files and tried using MO to boot, NVSE - nothing changed.i

Edit4: disabled mods until none were left, still nothing


I looked over the forums here and tried some of these other solutions, but nothing seems to fix my issue.

Here are some screenshots of what my MO looks like and my fallout new vegas https://imgur.com/a/vtAKi


Here is mod organizer stuff https://imgur.com/a/rLKIG

edit5: I have no finished the whole tutorial and am still experiencing this weird problem

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You may want to enable all the BSAs in the 'Archive' tab before you go down the upgrade to 1.3.8 route.

Although it looks like you are using at least Win7 so that won't be an issue if you do upgrade, 1.2.18 is remaining only for those few WinXP 'hangers on'.

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Heya mate, not sure if you ever got this fixed but I had a similar problem. I fixed it by unchecking all the "advanced recon" mods, since they are included in Project Nevada I imagine they were causing a conflict with it somehow. Unchecking all those, but using everything else in the STEP guide, got it working for me just fine! Hope this may help.

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