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Mod Organizer and Wrye Bash documents



I'm experiencing a problem with Wrye Bash that I'd like to share with the Community.

In simple words it seems that WB, at the end of the bashed patch creation, it is incapable to re-read back it's own documentation file, that one which is created with the bashed patch.

The situation:

1. Bashed Patch container mod unchecked in the left panel;

2. Empty overwrite folder at the bottom of the mod list.

I run WB, uncheck the mods that it shows could be merged and start the rebuild process.

The creation ends, a window appears but it is empty. The visible message is "I can't show the page" with all the other Internet Explorer warnings (Be sure that the web address is correct, Look for the page with a search engine etc.).
These are the IE messages, so I "suspect" that WB makes use of its libraries.

Then I right click on the empty page, get the properties, and the url of the page is as follows:




The error is quite evident, WB goes looking for the final report within the "data/docs" folder, while the configuration of the virtual file system that MO shows to the applications is somewhere else, being the new files written into the overwrite folder.

I drag-drop the files into the container mod and everything is fine.

The things are a little bit different if I leave active the mod container with the previous bashed patch during the WB rebuild run, because in that case at the end of the process WB shows the previous report, instead of the new one.

This is because WB finds in the "virtual" data folder, the contents of the mod container.

Is anybody there who's stumbled on the same problem ?
Any idea how to configure WB with different paths ?

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