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Question About Merged Patch Guide



Hi, I just had a quick question about Merged Patches. I searched the forums and couldn't find an answer; I apologize if it exists and I just missed it.


Anyway, the guide says the following:


Creating a Merge Patch is straightforward. Load TES5Edit (or the equivalent programs for the other Bethesda games), and select "OK" after removing the checkmark for the bashed patch if there is one. Right click in the left window and select "Other" and then "Create Merged Patch". When prompted for a new module name enter a new name for the merged patch. After the patch is created disable and/or delete any previous Merged Patches. In addition, the Leveled Item object class should be removed and the patches reviewed to make sure they are reasonable changes; most of the time they are.

My question is about the yellow highlighted text. Does "delete any previous Merged Patches" purely apply to patches created in this fashion, or would that also include things like the Step Extended Patch and/or a Duel Sheath Redux patch and/or Skyproccer patch? Thanks in advance!

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