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Textures located in \textures\armor\draugr are used by Ancient Nord Armor. It's not added by any mod, although it's not as easily available as other armor sets.


Textures located in \textures\actors\draugr are used by the draugr (creatures). Their armor isn't "worn", it's part of the draugr model itself.


Hyareil is correct. We will be placing this mod in characters and creatures, but also instructing user to skip the installation of the draugr from AMB. So you can either hide AMB textures or reinstall the creatures file without the draugr.


Yes my bad peeps, it is indeed Skyrim Immersive Creatures that adds the Draugr armor as playable and thanks for the clarification on how to install both AMB and Draugr mods Tech. I was pretty sure that's how things would be done but got all confused due to my above misunderstanding of the two armours I thought were the same, facepalm!

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