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Can Mod Organizer run Fake Fullscreen?



Fallout 3 has a notorious bug: if you alt tab, it makes it so the game cannot be re-maximized; then you have to force close the game and re-launch it.

A workaround is the Fake fullscreen mod https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/16001/?

How it works is Fallout_Fullscreen.exe is run instead of Fallout3.exe


But because I use Mod Organizer for other mods, can it run Fallout_Fullscreen.exe instead of Fallout3.exe?

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FOSE is the Fallout Script Extender and whenever you use a mod that requires it you use the fose_loader as the executable to start your game, whether from MO or the desktop.

OneTweak is a plugin that adds to the functionality of FOSE.


Judging by your screenshot I would say you may have other issues that are causing you problems. How much VRAM and system RAM does your rig have?

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