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Quick cry for help - Start menu missing


Hey guys,


Im a long time modder and im at my whits end.


Just been going through my mod list, updating and tweaking a few things, ready for a fresh playthrough.

But For some reason, things have gotten squiffy....


My game loads fine, ENB etc, all working. But the Main menu (New, Load, Credits) Refuses to load. But only once i have built my SkyProc Patches.


So im stuck.


I have tried with USKP 2.1.2, AND with 2.1.1. I tried the workaround (delete CELL etc) But no good.

Im using

ASIS (for the NPC enchant fx ONLY)

PaMa (never had issues, been using sincer begining of mod.)

Dual Sheath (We all know this is fine)


Tried with ASIS, without. Many combinations. But as it takes hour n half to build all the patches, im just hoping someone out there can look at my modlidt and tell my which mod is causing the glitch.


PLEASE DO NOT, tell my to go through my list one by one. I am asking here before i have to do that.



Also tried with AND without the updated patchers from PcaPP and Dual sheath



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Doesn't that indicate a missing master? I've had the same problem (but with a very different setup) but I can't remember :/ It was something minor though.


Did you try removing PerMa from the equation completely? (like, run ASIS enchant fix + DSR without Perma or its patches and see if it loads)


I also assume you reinstalled the original USKP plugin after deleting the CELL records

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No, no. Missing master means it will ctd as the menu loads. But for me, it just hangs. The enb logo etc comes up, the background, but then it sits there waiting for the menu.


The list boots fine. Even plays ok, before I build any of the SkyProcs. I tried just asis, no luck, just pama, no luck, combinations, no luck.


I understand the issue with uskp 2.1.2 I have the patches for them. I also rolled back to 2.1.1.


To me it seems like there is a mod in my list that is causing the SkyProcs to create some nasty data. I'm hoping someone out there knows what it is, without me having to go through each mod 1 by 1,and having the hour n half build time everytime I check a mod. That will take weeks!!!

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To me it seems like there is a mod in my list that is causing the SkyProcs to create some nasty data. I'm hoping someone out there knows what it is, without me having to go through each mod 1 by 1,and having the hour n half build time everytime I check a mod. That will take weeks!!!

Yeah that's what it sounds like to me too. I just remembered the problem I had was indeed not a missing master but a issue with FormIDs in a patch for ETaC after ETaC updated. I think it had to do with RSchildren. Anyway, I found that out by disabling things 1 by 1 so I guess that's not what you want to hear...


There are some PerMa+SRLE(+REGS) threads on these forums, if there isn't anyone else with these issues there I guess you could try starting with disabling mods that aren't included in any STEP packs? Or start with disabling only your custom patch. The last thing I can think of now is to verify you have the correct Java install and have your patchers set up properly in MO but I guess that's all fine since they seemed to work for you before. Sorry I can't be of more help, I know how frustrating these things can be lol

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Aha! I did recently update ETaC..... Guess I need to clean my merged files... I'll give it a go and report back

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Report 1....


Checked both merged ETaC and merged ETaC patches (I did them separately) and they are both clean and error free....


Removed Merged patches from my list.... Deleted CELL from USKP built ASIS...... BOOM.... LOADS FINE!!


Thank you, Thank you thank you.....


I'm not using RSchildren though.... But I'm thinking it could be the CRF patch.... Atleast I used merge script so I can remove singles from my merged and figure out what it was.... Once i get it down, I will report back so we can inform other poor people what to do

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Ok, so loading the game up, after running ASIS with all my ETaC patches still separate and it all works fine.... So it seems there is something wrong with my merged ETaC patches....... And you mentioning FormIDs reminded me of something I read somewhere.... Think someone was saying that when merging patches NEVER renumber FormIDs... Going to try that. Fingers crossed

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Good to hear you figured it out :D And yeah that might prove useful for the next guy that comes across this problem. Your experiences might help them out :)


EDIT: Didn't see your most recent post when I wrote this. About the renumber FormID issues, I think this was mainly a problem with the older Merge Plugin Scripts. The latest versions shouldn't have issues as long as you have set your options like this:




This makes sure it only renumbers conflicting FormIDs


I know SR:LE doesn't include ETaC but I have merged a lot of ETaC plugins with these settings (all up to date) and the game starts just fine

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Well it seems we have found and fixed my issue... Thank you so much for pointing me to ETaC.... It also seems I forgot to have the "copy assets" option ticked in merge plug-ins.


Thing is, that's all that I forgot. I set all the ESPN to esm when merging etc.... And it didn't work.... But seems OK now.... Not a clue... But thanx anyways...


So... When merging ETaC patches make sure to set master esp to esm. Make sure merge plug-ins settings are as above link.


Thanks again. Now to create my crazy catman :-)

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