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SRLE, REGS and Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul

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Edit 17-09-2015: As you have probably noticed, I'm not keeping this list up to date. As of now I'm kind of done modding Skyrim and I'm only changing minor things in my load order. My solution for this problem was to remove 'Immersive Whiterun' and its patches from ETaC, swap JK's Skyrim with Dawn of Skyrim and revert to an older REGS Patch - Riften Navfull (found on the REGS forum) that has Dawn of Riften as master instead of JK's Skyrim. I used Wrye Bash to change the master name from Dawn of Riften to Dawnofskyrim-allmajorcities.esp. I decided to keep ETaC's DB, DBS & Riverwood despite incompatibilities. It leads to some minor issues like NPC's in Riverwood trying to repair the air instead of their house, but I'm just rolling with that.


Side note: For anyone struggling with performance using these two guides, consider removing DynDOLOD. Both a script-heavy ('Low' tweaked even lower) and a static LOD only profile (no Dyndolod.esp) proved too much for my setup so I simply use DynDOLOD Texgen + the tree LOD option from DynDOLOD Worlds only. I found that I preferred smooth gameplay over detailed distant terrain. The reason was probably that both these guides (+additional mods in my case!) simply add too many objects to the game. On the 'High' profile I had over 8000 dynamic objects in Tamriel, while according to Sheson "there are typically around 4000 dynamic objects in Tamriel for high".



Recently, SR:LE updated to include the popular mod Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul. For those running a setup that also includes REGS (Real Explorer's Guide to Skyrim), this means you should probably wait before adding this, because the author of IC explicitly states the mod is incompatible with JK's Skyrim and ETaC. I created this topic to list incompatibilities and to track progress on patches.


Current known incompatibilities:


- JK's Skyrim

The author states:


Will you do a compatibility patch for JK's Skyrim?
In my opinion, it will be much more smart and easy to increase the compatibility of JK's Skyrim rather than to try to make a compatibility patch.


So yeah, not sure if we should expect a patch for this, probably not.


To avoid this you could use Dawn of Skyrim instead and make sure IC loads after it. You will have to disable the REGS Patch Riften NavFull as it has JK's Skyrim Major Cities as master file. (or happen to have an older file that was based on Dawn of Riften)


- Expanded Towns and Cities

The author said he will try to make a patch for this but success isn't guaranteed.

A workaround would be to do to a modular install of ETaC as IC is as of now only incompatible with the following parts assuming you use the NO-INN version as recommended by REGS:

ETaC - Riverwood

ETaC - Dragon Bridge

ETaC - Dragon Bridge South

Immersive Whiterun

You will also have to disable the Whiterun Exterior ELFX + CRF patches. Not sure how this works with the installation of the other patches, I guess the modular ETaC installer will provide answers for that.


- Immersive Settlements

Nowadays included in ETaC. Listed as a separate mod though in his article about compatibility. Not sure if we can assume a future patch for ETaC will also mean it's a patch for Immersive Settlements.

Also not sure if it's indeed only Immersive Whiterun that's incompatible..


- Immersive College of Winterhold (??)

A Nexus user reports problems (crashes). Not 100% sure if it is directly related to this mod. The article mentions this though, and recommends loading IC after Immersive College of Winterhold.


- Nernies City and Village Expansion

Listed as incompatible in the article. No news about any patches whatsoever. REGS also uses their own version of this mod, so patching will probably need to be done by CJ, who doesn't seem to be able to work on his guide very much anymore I've read in the REGS topic.


--- The next part is kind of a note-to-self, but might be useful for others using these mods. Incompatibilities include, but are not limited to those listed here. Check this for more info ---


Other compatibilities not related to any of the STEP packs:

- Skyrim Radioactive

This is too bad. Recent versions of this mod have a lot of issues but I'm using an older version and I really love it. The problem is that it introduces deleted navmeshes that as far as I understand can not be fixed by IC. The Useless Shop and Interior Overhaul has similar problems.


Other non-STEP related mods it should load after to be compatible:

- Elysium Estate

- Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim

- Skyrim Better Roads




If you know of any mod included in REGS that isn't listed here or know more about patches or the patching process, feel free to leave a comment.

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Yeah, it sucks a little for REGS users at least in the short term. It appears fully compatible (with the few patches) with all of SR:LE itself.


In my opinion, the life it adds to the game vastly outweighs almost any other considerations in my mind. In addition to that, it removes a bunch of scripting which is always a plus. (Run For Your Lives, When Vampires Attack, and W&Cs Go Home function)


I suspect other mods will need to adapt to the new reality where the game AI needs to be taken into consideration. I also suspect that the ETAC author and the AI Overhaul author are talking in the background but I could be wrong. :)

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Based on this information, I'm considering just skipping over Immersive Citizens. How crucial is it to Skyrim Revisited? Also, is anyone else having a problem wherein the Immersive Citizens installer won't let you install the Realistic Room Rental patch? It's grayed out for me.

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I don't know about the installer but you shouldn't skip over it if you have only Skyrim Revisited installed! I started this topic for people who use both SR:LE and REGS at the same time. As for how crucial it is to SR.. Well, the SR Conflict Resolution patch has it as master, so you can't use that unless you manually remove the patched records from it. Gameplay-wise, I don't know, it has only recently been added. Everyone seems to agree on the fact that this mod really enhances your Skyrim experience though.


Rather than skipping over this mod I'd recommend skipping over JK's towns in favor of Dawn of Skyrim for now. I also decided to keep my ETaC (no-inns) install and live with the incompatibilities until ETaC gets a patch. Not sure how bad it clashes in game, to be honest I haven't played much since creating this topic because I grew a bit tired of all the problem solving :blush: (which is pretty much the story of my attempt to create the perfect Skyrim - sigh - )

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I should clarify my post. My intention was always to install SR:LE and then REGS on top of that. Based on the advice of those above, I decided to opt for Dawn of Skyrim instead of JK's. Can I install the rest of REGS as-is given that choice? Also, does the conflict resolution patch for SR:LE+REGS still work?

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There is a page mentioned on the REGS guide that covers compatibility between SR:LE and REGS. Until patches or some other changes are developed for the incompatibilities between Immersive Citizens and some of the major location mods in REGS these two packs are not compatible unless Immersive Citizens is not used. I haven't seen any posts that show how Immersive Citizens and Expanded Towns and Cities can be made compatible right now (work on this is ongoing), and removing ETaC and other mods that are incompatible with Immersive Citizens takes away some of the most important parts of REGS content.


The most recent conflict resolution patch between REGS and SR:LE includes a lot of patches that involve ETaC, so if ETaC is removed the full patch will not work.

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I'm running SRLE and a stripped down REGS and it's working fine with Immersive Citizens. Honestly I'm finding without ETAC and Nernies it's actually running smoother. All the quest and content mods seem to work as intended. Yeah the cities are not as pretty but Dawn does alright in that regard. I had to do my own compatibility patching to fix some things but it wasn't as bad as it usually is for a heavy mod list.


I'm with Neo in that leaving Skyrim cities and settlements a little barren is worth it to not have NPC's riding the short carriage anymore.

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Barthanes would you be so kind to tell me what you used from regs and to share your conflict resolution?

Here are the mods I use from REGS with SRLE as the base.


Dawn of Skyrim Collection (load after Pitfighter plugins)

Understone Keep Fountains & Rubble

Windhelm Lighthouse

Winterhold Expanded Ruins (possible issues with pathing)

Blackreach Overhaul

High Hrothgar Overhaul

Immersive College of Winterhold (without NPC plugin)

Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass

Nightingales Hall Restored

Sky Haven Temple Merchants & More

Farmhouse Chimneys (non-ETAC merged version)

Snowbound Acres

Inconsequential NPC’s (with RS Children patch)

Interesting NPC’s (with RS Children Patch)

Helgen Reborn

Moon & Star

Apple Garden

Amber Guard

Granite Hall


No Mercy

Faction: Pit Fighter (with expansion)

Ogmunds Tomb

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

The Lost Wonders of Mzark

The Secret of Dragonhead

The Shadow of Meresis

The Temple of Blackrock

Windcallers Pass


Here is my SRLE+REGS Conflict Patch.

SRLE+REGS Conflict Resolution Patch.7z

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Barthanes, thanks so much for your contribution; looking forward to trying this build out. Are you using the REGS patches from the section of the guide directly before conflict resolution?

I'm not using any of the REGS patches. Most of them don't work without ETaC, Nernies and JK's Skyrim. I'm sure you will find glitches with this build, (I've rarely ever not had a glitch in any Skyrim build :), but it seems to work for the most part. Haven't tested at all with Gray Cowl, but I imagine it will work ok.

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