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F&L Install Errors and Game Hiccups



First, Ess, great compilation. Lots of good stuff in the guide, and it made the process REAL easy, once I got around my own stupidity. So thanks for that.
So, here's the things I've found so far:
A) Once all is installed per the guide, I have two errors to report.
     1) During the LOOT sorting, with both "Gun Runners Actually Run Guns" and the "Gun Runners Arsenal GRA - RIght to Bear Arms" mods installed, LOOT reports a circular reference error between the two. This likely has something to do with the former having updated to 1.8 (your guide says it was 1.7, but I didn't see that version avaliable. I may be blind. PLease tell me if I am.) In the meanwhile, I have the latter turned off, though in place for any requested T/S efforts.

Error code: 14; Failed to sort plugins. Details: Cyclic interaction detected between plugins "GRA - The Right to Bear Arms.esp" and "1nivVSLArmors.esp". Back cycle: 1nivVSLArmors.esp, GRA - The Right to Bear Arms.esp

     2) During the DYNLOD run, several worlds have crashed out during the LOD gen. The logs seem to indicate they were referencing something and recieved a null field error of some sort. Since no mention was made of this in the way of a FYI in the guide, I assume this is abnormal, and am looking for further information. Again, more than willing to T/S on my end, just need direction on what I'm looking for. SOLVED: Turned out I missed a colon in the arguements line for the MO executable, so it was trying to write files into the Overwrite.
B) In game, so far, only one item (possibly two) to report. For reference, I still started in Goodsprings as the Courier.
     1) Using the Varmint Rifle, it consistantly stuck in the iron sights mode. I was able to unequip the rifle, then re-equip it to get out of it, but as soon as I go to aim again, boom. Stuck in the pose. Not sure if this will be the same across all rifles, but if so, this is a deal breaker on my end.
     2) (Possible) Never once saw Victor the Robot. Victem of the alternate start, possibly? Or was I just lucky my first time out?
Apart from those, looks and play great so far. The new weather sounds seem a TRIFLE loud (had to turn them down to nearly 10 percent or so to make them livable), but still a nice set. Hoping to make it better by correcting the above.

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B1 - I figured out that this has to do with the Cinematic Killcam Mode.  I haven't got the Player View Killcam Mode to fire off so I don't know if that causes issues too, but I'm sure setting the Killcam Mode to Off will definitely prevent the irion sights issue from happening.  I'm leaving mine set to Player View for now until I run into issues.

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