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Weird texture glitch that happens randomly.

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I went though the fear and loathing install guide about two days ago and im having this weird texture glitch. Ive played about 7 hours now and this has happened about 10 times. Its very random it wont happen for a hour then another time it will happen within 10 minutes. I will post some pictures below to give you an idea of what im talking about. Pretty much im loading into a new area and my textures are being replaced by random textures. Sometimes my streets are wood, sometimes my walls are road signs, etc. If i move the camera they will jump and switch around too. My wooden street will become a wall texture then i it will go back to brick then it will go back to wood, etc. If i leave the area and reload the area sometimes it will fix it and sometimes it wont. The only "cure" for is to completely exit out the game and restart it. 


https://i1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb360/Neal0790/FalloutNV%202015-07-09%2021-32-49-29_zpsxe80x1va.png   - Texture to the right is teeth, my side walks are wood, mick and ralphs is some random one. 


https://s1201.photobucket.com/user/Neal0790/media/FalloutNV%202015-07-09%2021-32-50-30_zpsxmcrkzvh.png.html?o=4 - turn the camera slightly and my teeth texture turned into something new. 


https://s1201.photobucket.com/user/Neal0790/media/FalloutNV%202015-07-09%2021-32-57-73_zpsxzet1brk.png.html?o=2 - now my windows are teeth too 


https://s1201.photobucket.com/user/Neal0790/media/FalloutNV%202015-07-09%2021-32-53-13_zps1kn9d8rj.png.html?o=1 - Turn the camera some more and the now my road and my wall are abs...lol


https://i1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb360/Neal0790/FalloutNV%202015-07-09%2021-44-59-62_zpsxeud0dkk.png - Exit the game and reload the save CASM made when i walk though the door and everything is fine. 


I just happened to get a bunch of random body parts that time. But i went into a building in primm once and all my walls were do not enter signs. Then another time i went into a bunker and my walls were made out of tree bark. One place i have noticed that it happens alot is at the crimson caravan. 8 out of 10 times something is wrong when i walk in there. A few times its just been a black abyss. Other than the crimson caravan i cant seem to make it occur at the same place its just random. 


My first thoughts were to reinstall the main texture packs and see if that fixes it, but that didnt work. Im about to go reinstall the body replacers now, just because i got a bunch of random body parts this time. But i doubt thats really going to help because body parts are just a number of things im seeing. 


Ive read it could be an invalidachive issue, but i made sure its checked in the profile section and in the achive tab, i have unchecked it and recheck it a million times. So im not sure what else to do there. I was getting red triangles when i first started the game but i read to move the invalidachive.bsa to the top and that fixed that. This is a screen shot of my achive tab in Mod Organizer if it helps. 




Im not running out of VRAM, which was my first thought since im playing in 4K. Most ive seen is 3.2GB. I got a pretty beefy rig 2 980's and a 4790k with 16GB of RAM. 


Also on a side note, anyone know why all my crimson caravan guards are naked too? Doesnt bother me, but im curious to know. lol. Everyone has clothes on but them. 


Thanks for any help and let me know if you have any questions or need anymore info. Next time it happens im going to try and take a video. 



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Whoa those are some really strange problems, so first question, did you optimize your textures using DDSopt? Second, whats your plugin count? the reason I asked the second question is because I have heard that really strange things can happen if you exceed the plugin limit. 

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Whoa those are some really strange problems, so first question, did you optimize your textures using DDSopt? Second, whats your plugin count? the reason I asked the second question is because I have heard that really strange things can happen if you exceed the plugin limit. 

I didnt optimize my textures mostly because i wasnt using alot of ram. But i think you are onto something about my plugins. Loot told me after my bashed patch i have a 133 plugins activated. I know in the guide it said to keep it under 135. I just went in and removed 3 that i could live without. Trap detection, niptons fires and the flashlight (couldnt get it to work without flickering if i looked at certain objects anyways, seems like a common issue on the nexus) and brought it down to 130. Ran around the strip for a hour just loading different areas and i havent had the texture glitch happen yet. Added the 3 back into the game and got the issue within like 10 minutes. Removed 3 different ones, (burned man, bathroom poetry, vault 22) and ran around for another 20 or so minutes and didnt come across the issue. 


Need to test it a bit more, but im starting to believe the amount of plugins is probably the reason my game is going bezerk. Maybe my New Vegas doesnt like to use more than 130 plugins. Im going to go play for a hour or two so i will report back if it happens again. Thanks for bring that plugin suggestion up, hopefully that was the case and it doesnt come back. I didnt consider that could be the issue since i was under 135 and all my mods seems to be functioning properly other than textures. My caravan guards are still naked tho, lol. Anyone got an idea on why that might be?

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The plugin limit is different for everyone, some can push close 140, while others can't. As for the naked caravan gaurds I have no idea. I know in my game some of the NCR Rangers are naked, the only thing i can suggest is to boot up FNVedit and see whats mods are affecting those NPC's.

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The suggested max is 140. However some people cant run that many. I personally get issues past 130.


Your naked caravan guards are likely a function of the same problem you're already having, or possibly an unchecked BSA on the Archives tab in MO.

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