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Companions Follow Distance Issue



Alright, so I took a break from gaming altogether to deal with some personal issues, adn I ended up never getting around to solving this problem, which I believe I've actually started a topic for already but never fully followed up on, I'm sorry if that is the case.

For some reason, and seemingly out of nowhere, any companion I have (human or otherwise) follows me at an incredible distance away. The follow function is there...they are indeed following, they're just following from something like 50 meters away. This basically means that anytime I'm doing a follower-related quest that requires their presence (for instance For Auld Laun Saun), I end up having to constantly use console commands to move the character towards me. It can get pretty infuriating and tedious. Also, this means that followers are more or less useless in terms of actually being able to help me in the game should I so desire.


I have tried all of the following...

  1. Changing load order to ensure that anything companion-related isn't overwritten by anything else.
  2. Completely uninstalling the "Willow" mod as I was curious as to whether her special snowflakiness was somehow causing problems.
  3. Verifying file integrity through Steam (yes, I re-cleaned the core files again).
  4. Dismissing every companion back to where they came from and then waiting 72 hours and then rehiring them.

All of the above was to no avail.

This happened sometime around the time I started Dead Money, although I can't be sure exactly when. I don't know whether or not it has anything to do with Dead Money or not. The rest of the game seems to function fine. No crashes or CTD (at least not more than anyone else would get normally. Very rare)


I also, on a whim, started a new game with a new character and speed-ran through to Boone so I could hire him as a follower. This did not happen in this savegame, so I'm kind of assuming that it's something to do with my main save file specifically, though I can't imagine what it is, or what to do about it.

Please help me out here, beyond everything else, it's really immersion-breaking, and I'm willing to try just about anything to fix it.

Load order attached. I don't why it's listed in reverse, but there you go. Read from bottom to top. Thanks in advance.



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