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Green/Mandatory parts of STEP:Core



I'm not really understanding why some mods are Green/needed while others aren't.

This is especially when considering textures.

Specifically, do I really have to download the High Res DLC to complete STEP: Core?

Or, do the green labels have more to do with Baseline rather than Core, and I can ignore some texture mods, etc.?

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Green = STEP Core mods.  Non-green = STEP Extended mods.


You can ignore texture mods if you like, because if you use any of the STEP Patches, those will be only requiring certain plugins (.esps) from mods to work - not textures.  But, if you don't install the texture mods as in the guide your end result will not quite look as intended by the guide.


Baseline versus not baseline usually means the difference between choosing a texture mod that uses 1k quality textures versus an alternative for the mod that uses 2k textures (or lower or higher, depending).  The alternatives would be signified by "LQ" and "HQ" symbols.


Most of this is explained in the guide itself - the legend, btw.

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