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Jaggarsfeld (by xJACKTHERIPPERx and DarthXile)


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Discussion thread:
Jaggarsfeld by xJACKTHERIPPERx and DarthXile

This is a simple player home with some big offerings:
  • House with room for a spouse
  • Fully custom sorting system with crafting integration (see below)
  • Custom decorations
  • Enemy free sanctuary (no enemies spawn in the area)
  • Hidden Trophy Hall to display a very large collection of armors and weapons as well as places for all the custom items in the game such as Dragon Masks, Dragon Claws, the Black Books, etc.


This home comes with a very mod compatible sorting system for all your items as well as fairly unique crafting stations. Every crafting station in this mod does not require you to have the materials in your inventory. As long as they're in the proper chests from the sorting system, they will be usable in any crafting area within the property.


*Requires all DLC


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This is my player home of choice. It's a bit dated, but I'm doing some work on it. Hopefully I can release most of the work as an add-on. I don't know yet though as I found out one of my plans had to be fixed in the main mod.


So far I've only worked on the Navmeshes:

  • Fixed 11 floating vertices/planes
  • Fixed 13 objects which clipped with the Navmeshes causing the animals to collide with them
  • Fixed 3 "islands" which had no purpose and no way for the NPCs to getting to them.
  • Fixed one corner that was causing the larger animals to get hung up in.
  • Fixed the perimeter of the entire space
  • Fixed multiple errors and missing connections (this was done be merging vertices, redrawing the navmesh in the problem areas, altering the landscape height where it clipped through, or a combination of these things)
  • Marked the water navmesh as water (it wasn't) so that animals which can't swim will not try to cross the water. (may not have been needed since there are only a few animals in the space but it was the proper way to do it)
  • Fixed the paths so the animals can traverse where they please. I tested the paths in-game with both a rabbit and a deer so both small and large animals have been covered. This also lead to removing some navmesh in places which couldn't be accessed by the NPCs or where they may be getting stuck.
  • Forwarded USKP

I've offered this fixed file to one of the authors. Hopefully they will pick it up or allow me to continue building/fixing the mod under another name that I've chosen.

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Well that sucks, for some reason this mod reset and I've lost all the progress I made with collected items and such. It was either due to updating DynDOLOD or from completing a couple quests because that's all I've done since the last time I've played; however, there are no quests tied to this mod (there is location data for some reason). Therefore, I can only say it was due to updating DynDOLOD or something went awry with my save.

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Nevermind it was my own stupid fault. It happened when I updated DynDOLOD. When doing the clean save procedures before updating I switched my profile back to my Extended profile where Jaggarsfeld isn't loaded. When saving it saved without Jaggarsfeld and poof!...there went that! So I screwed myself with that saving process by not doing it on the right profile. Guess I need a third install of DynDOLOD; one for each profile.

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