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How to get formatted text to show?



Sorry to be such a newb, I don't even know if the answer to this is to be found here on the boards or in my browser options (Firefox 38.0.1).  I'm also hoping this is the right place to be asking this.  Specifically:


When I read forum posts that have formatting (font, size, color etc), that's all I see - the formatting instructions written out with the actual text buried in the middle somewhere.  None of the formatting actually takes place.  As you can imagine this makes digging through all the formatting information to find the posted text rather frustrating.  In some places it works properly.  For example, in sigs with links, they show up as a colored link as expected, even if there are multiple links with different colors, but I've yet to see it work properly in the bodies of posts.  There has to be a simple way to turn this feature on, but darned if I can find it.  I don't recall having this problem on any other forums.  Help please?

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You must have something on your end causing that glitch, there is no need to 'turn on' anything to see the forum text.

What is the result when you view the forum in IE or any other browser you have?


Do you have any plugins or addons in FireFox that are interfering with the forum text?


Lastly, you might also be viewing some very old posts made before a recent software update and some of the formatting code is showing through, but that is only on a very limited number of topics/posts.

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Thanks for the reply.  Looks like a combination of 2 things, reading some older posts, and something fishy with my Firefox installation.  I don't have current versions of any other browsers, but an older version of Chrome works ok on more recent posts.  A quick look at extensions and plugins didn't turn up any likely suspects, but knowing it's on my end gives me a place to start, so thank you for that.  Better than stumbling about in the dark.

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