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MHDT - Max Height Data



I've been running into this a lot and would like some more information. The MHDT - Max Height Data record seems to be a record that is in constant conflict. This record conflicts from each of the DLC and with several mods which have forwarded it from one of these sources.

  1. What is this record?
  2. Should it be forwarded?
  3. If the the answer to the above is "yes", then from which DLC should it be forwarded when all three DLCs are listed as masters?


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Max height data is merged at runtime, therefore, leaving it blank will not have any impact if the mod is not drastically changing the heights for the cells it's editing (most mods don't). DynDOLOD updates this data, I think, to correct heights for cells that have objects in them that extended beyond the default heights (e.g. installing a mod that has taller trees vs vanilla trees). This height data is also used to updating the occlusion data using xLODGen or DynDOLOD.

Thank you for the info  ::):  I've been wracking my brain about this record ever since I figured out my way through SSEEdit.

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