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Problem with SkyProc Patcher for Requiem



I'm attempting to install Requiem after following the steps for the STEP Core and Extended setups, and my game runs fine, until I get to the part of Helgen where Requiem tries to initiate it's scripts. It tells me that I need to run the patcher to fix this since I didn't do it before.


Now, a word of notice here; I'm using MOD ORGANIZER, not Nexus Mod Manager. This means that when I run the SkyProc utility (named Reqtificator for Requiem), I have to register it through Mod Organizer and launch it from there. I've done this. However, I'm still running into an issue. When I press the Patch button in the top right, it starts patching, and when it's getting to 1%, I get an error that looks like this. This is essentially saying that I don't have the Unofficial Skyrim Patch installed, even though I do! I have the Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragon, and High Resolution patches as well, so I'm not missing any of those. Here's a link to the mod list that the SkyProc patrcher sees. The very last lines about not being able to find those BSAs slightly concerns me, but I'm not sure if those are expected or not. Regardless, I'm not sure if they're relevant to the problem at hand.


From that mod order, you can see that the Unofficial Skyrim Patch is before Dawnguard, and the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch is after both Dawnguard and the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. By no means should I be running into this issue, I think. Here's the rest of the files that were outputted during the latest failed patch attempt.


DebugOverview.txt | BSA.txt (skipped a large portion of the files detected, since you get the point, at to keep under the 512KB limit for Pastebin) | Get Active Mod List.txt


For reference, I have been using both LOOT and Wrye Bash to manage my mods.

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