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Cannot install Ultimate Deadly Encounters, Sands of Time



Hello everyone! Ik need your help. Somehow I cannot install Sands of Time 16.7, because MO complains I cannot open EscortServ_EscortServiceGr_000D0F47_1.wav and so it cannot be installed?


The mod author cant help me wit MO and its the first time for me to try the mod out. I tried the update file, 16.8 on its own, but that installed just fine.


Any ideas as to what I must do?




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Where is MO giving this message? I have just now grabbed this, rather large, mod and installed it successfully with no errors whatsoever.

The actual download is nothing complicated, just a nicely packaged archive that only needs you to set the top level folder as the 'Data' folder to install it, but that is the same with a number of mods installed in MO.


There should be no need for MO to try and access the *.wav file you mention other than to copy it to the install location. Doing that function is exactly the same as for any other file, regardless of the format, *.wav, *.dds or *.esp.


The only thing to note I can see is, because it is a large archive, and the extract dialog in MO isn't shown as a separate process in the taskbar, there was an occasion when it seemed to vanish from the screen only to reappear a few seconds later. I put that down to the copy process working through the list of files and the UI not matching the speed. That would vary based on the speed and power of each machine.

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