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MO grouping mods on its own





Today, I was trying to get DynDOLOD to work, but I kept getting an error while creating textures. Somebody in this forum suggested that the problem might be due to file permissions. So I right-clicked on Mod Organizer folder, gave all kinds of permissions to all the users on my computer, and I also unticked the "read-only" box. The result is this:








As you can see, MO organized some specific mods into groups after I tinkered with permissions and "read-only" feature of its folder. The name of the group is in grey and italic. The group itself cannot be unticked, but the specific mods under it can. The priority order is still correct, so I don't have any game-breaking problems, but it looks very ugly this way. How can I change it back to its old self?

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@SRB You're wrong ::O:


It actually is Mod Grouping that is enabled. In the bottom of the left pane you will see a drop-down that says ''Nexus IDs" which need to be changed to "No grouping."

That did it, thank you [emoji4]
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