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v2.2.9.2 Development


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As of STEP 2.2.8, we are only actively supporting Skyrim Legendayr Ed. (all DLCs) - We continue to 'passively' support other DLC/non-DLC configurations as an artifact of having done so previously. However, moving forward, all new content will assume Legendary Ed. We will gradually phase out information pertaining to limited DLC components.

STEP marks another step towards 2.3.0. However there is still much work to be done for STEP to be ready to make the move to v2.3.0. Because of this and there being no time frame for development, we have decided to do incremental releases. v2.2.9.1 was the first. v2.2.9.2 will be the second. These releases will mainly be mod releases, meaning that we'll only be testing and reviewing mods.

Since this is a community driven project and site, we would like to encourage users to tag mods they'd like to see in STEP. To do this, please add a 'testing' tag to the desired mods. This will allow us to filter the mods and review them. Mods that we think fit into the STEP project will be officially marked for testing and mods that do not will simply have the 'testing' tag removed.

Dev Guide v2.9.9.2
Changelog (subject to developmental updates)
Mods currently in Testing

For replacers, the test case should be a high-quality screenshot compare. We don't need a lot, just two or three sets of compares on the thread marked [ TESTING ].

The idea is that testing --and logging of that activity on the threads-- will be touch & go for a lot of mods, and it should be pretty clear by anyone stumbling upon any mod thread what the end result is.

Let us know if you want to be a Mod Tester! We're always looking for official testers!

Mods Accepted for v2.2.9.2 (in no specific order) Dev patches:

STEP Core Patch
STEP Extended Patch
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As a fan of the Rainbows and Shooting Stars mods, I must address a concern with the switch to Wonders of Weather. Even though it's made by the same person, the shooting stars in WoW went from quick motes of light to fat crumbling meteors. I was disappointed, because these annihilated the immersion offered by the original. As such, I have personally uninstalled WoW and returned to the original separate mods, even though isoku no longer supports them.


Looking through the posts on WoW's Nexus page, it seems some modders experience high thread counts when outside, noticeable especially during rain.


I propose, in light of both of these, that Wonders of Weather be removed from STEP:Extended. I don't feel that STEP can appropriately recommend it, or its unsupported predecessor.

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Shooting star : The one I saw seemed fine. Maybe he added more varitey ? Haven't checked the changelog nor dissected the mod yet.


Rain drops : Yeah, I can confirm that I get a drop about 5-6 FPS whenever its raining. Though I didn't compare to a potential fps drop with the non-merged version of raindrops.

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With the push to improve level and skill requirements, and quest spacing I present you mods that enhance the way the Mage Guild quest line works:


Not So Fast - Mage Guild by CDCooley: https://www.nexusmods...rim/mods/64633/


College Days - Winterhold by jvr2400: https://www.nexusmods...rim/mods/56699/


College of Winterhold Entry Requirements by TorchicBlaziken: https://www.nexusmods...rim/mods/38448/

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With all these guild/faction/quest requirement mods in testing we should start addressing the recommended settings for them. I know cdcooley already changed his mod to address a better default setting for Not So Fast, but there are quite a few others that should looked into. Thieves Guild Requirements, Timing is Everything (has FISS support), and ESF all have some options in the MCM that should be addressed.

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