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Immersive Weapons for SR:LE? (Sorry for Another Post)

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Hey everybody. I apologize for posting, it's been my 3rd time this week but I have so many questions that I can't answer by myself. Fortunately I won't make threads out of them all at the same time, but I may post from time to time hoping that they'd be answered.


Anyways, I'm going to keep this simple. Why is there no Immersive Weapons on SR:LE? Is there any compatibility issues with other mods? If so is it safe to assume that I can add that on top of SR:LE + REGS + 50 or so custom mods, some of which that change AI, particularly combat? I had Immersive Weapons on one of my playthroughs, before finding Neovalen and his excellent mod guide, and I personally thought it was a great mod. 


If there are any compatibility issues or such with other mods, assuming they don't make much of a difference/aren't very important, is it okay if I removed them from my mod list to fit Immersive Weapons in? Or are there quite a few mods that require a patch but there just isn't one? 



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