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I've added to the discussion in the Bug Genie, basically the entire issue can be resolved by clearing out the 'webcache' folder.


For whatever reason, MO was not sending/receiving the correct Nexus login details for ALL the functions related to accessing the mod page.

Not sure if it is due to a change in the Nexus webpage code, their api or MO code, but clearing it does reset all the relevant details to match the current status on Nexus.

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Did you try logging out and then back in again?



I'm having the same problem as the user above...


I tried:

1. Logging out of nexus

2. Removing details from MO

3. Closing MO

3. Re-logging into nexus

4. Starting MO and entering details again

5. Closing then re-starting MO again


This didn't work. 


I've also updated the 'NMM Version' in the 'Workarounds' tab, to the latest version of NMM (0.55.6)

This also didn't work.


I'm still able to use the 'Download with manager' button.


MO Log:
15:41:01 [D] nexus error: Invalid user
15:41:01 [D] Invalid user
Nexus will reject endorsements within 15 Minutes of a failed attempt, the error message may be misleading.
Best, Mix
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I just wanted to add that I've been experiencing this bug also for about the last week.  Same symptoms as described above, but I wanted to add that I am still using version 1.2.18 of MO.  So it's not exclusive to the new builds.

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Sorry to be a pain, but this hasn't fixed the issue for me. 

I closed MO, logged out of Nexus, then followed the instructions as outlined here.
I then closed Chrome, restarted it, logged into nexus and finally started MO.

I also updated the 'NMM Version' in the 'Workarounds' tab, to the latest version of NMM (0.55.7)


Am I missing something obvious?


Best, Mix

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