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papyrus compiler fix for 64 bit systems



Download and run the "Windows SDK for Windows" corresponding to the target OS.

Install to the default location and select only ".NET Framework Software Development Kit". Yes... I started with that only to find there was nothing in the download specifically labeled " .NET Framework Software development Kit" So I thought , hmmm....maybe this is part of the install of an older version, so I treid that but it wouldn't install because the matching net framework would have to be an older version too....well three days later, after eight hours on the phone with alienware tech support and I have finally got my computer updated back to modern standards. I tried the same with various versions of visual studio. I got through this string "C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft SDKs/Windows/<Version>/bin/NETFX <Version> Tools using the command prompt, but there was never a NETFX inside of bin, so I never got past there. Is there a way to get the papyrus compiler to compile in 32 bit only by some other method or some recently updated program ? I am guessing that these tools existed when this page was created but I sure can't find them now. I don't have any idea how to contact user neovalen but I would like to know if this specific fix is of major or minor importance. I have been playing skyrim a while without ever hearing of this. But then I never heard you were supposed to quit and reload every time you die because the game loads unneeded files that can cause problems later. And I've only once been able to play a game beyond 2 or 3 hundred saves ( once I went over 900 saves )I am stuck on this step and waiting for knowledge before I continue. Please skyrim geniuses help me. May the ever elusive stability be our reward.

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