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Wrye Bash 306 - Testing required



Just an advert for Utumno and Sharlikran needing experienced Wrye Bash testers



See this post by Utumno on BGS Oblivion modding forum - He has been doing an amazing job of refactoring the code, and is looking to release version 306, maybe with more patchers ..


.. Depends on feedback and a lot of testing. If you go to the second post in that topic you will find rebuilds from his latest code ( which are being rebuilt as new feedback brings bugs with the code to his attention )

I cant find anymore but more eyes on would be appreciated.


If you are a member of BGS forums, feedback would be preferable in that topic, Utumno is following that one the closest


He is on the brink of starting to address the patchers for Skyrim now for main releases - So you can probably appreciate testing now and more help would be very beneficial for the community





For more advanced mod authors and Wrye Bash users, Sharlikran is similarly using Utumno's latest refactored code, and adding to it his own work on Patchers in this topic on the BGS Skyrim Modding forum.





IMHO - Utumno's latest code is excellent, I am using the Standalone build off of the Oblivion topic, dev version 306.201506132055

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