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Morrowind - modding guidance needed [CLOSED]

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I have not played Morrowind since it first came out and I never completed it then. I recently purchased the GOTY edition in a Steam Sale and am attempting to get it up and running and modded on my Win8.1 gaming machine but have a few issues which I would appreciate some help with.


1. I was briefly plagued by the Crash on Exit issue where Windows would report that "This program has stopped responding" but once I exited the Excise Office and Saved, I was able to load saves and then subsequently exit without crashing. It seems that Morrowind has a reputation for crashing on exit and I wondered if the cause was ever found?


2. Modding... I am struggling to find detailed guides on how to approach a Morrowind modding overhaul. I have been spoiled by the likes of STEP, SR:LE and F&L for NV. So far I have dealt with MCP (default options for now), the Exe Optimizer (which freaked out my anti-virus) and the 4Gb patch. I then got Wrye Mash and Python working and loaded the MPP but there I have hit a wall. I have no idea how to get Morrowind to run at my monitor's native widescreen resolution and I don't know what mods to favour. I do intend to try Tamriel Rebuilt but beyond that I have no idea what to start with. I have seen SorcererDave's recent Lets Play on YouTube but he lists a summary of just the key mods in his playthrough. Do any of you have pointers to Morrowind Modding Guides that are up to date?


EDIT : Doh! Totally failed to notice the thread below this one in the forum, sorry.

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