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How to incorporate FCO into F&L w/o NVR3

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Hey guys! :D


After taking a long break from New Vegas after my performance issues, I am really getting back into it and I wanted to do a full F&L playthrough. However, there is one section in the guide that I just don't really like. Installing NVR3 on top of FCO and using them both has caused me a TON of issues including but not limited to: 


  • Nearly every African American NPC having purple bodies
  • NPC's Spawning out of nowhere (like Powdergangers in Goodsprings)
  • Said spawning NPC's turning invisible
  • NPC's spawning and then teleporting out of existence
  • Mismatches textures with body replacers

I have encountered all of the issues mentioned above and they are extremely game breaking. So, because I really like FCO and because it is 100% compatible with body replacers, I was wondering how I would go about implementing FCO into the guide properly without NVR3. Because there is one issue that I can't solve: YUP overwrites several NPC faces from FCO and no matter what I cannot get my bashed patch to fix these issues. 


Any ideas on how I could go about implementing FCO properly into the guide with as few issues as possible would be greatly appreciated. :) 


Thanks in advance! Cheers, Audley

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Maybe manually override in a custom patch in FNVEdit the LNAM - Hair length, HCLR - Hair color and FaceGen Data from FCO plugin in every entry it conflicts with YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp? Probably gonna take a while if YUP affects a lot of NPCs that FCO changes. Sorry, I don't have New Vegas currently installed on my pc so I don't remember precisely what I did with my NPCs. But I remember the last time I accomplished a F&L setup, I did exactly what you want to do. I excluded NVR3 from my modlist and went for a FCO exclusive setup.


Tweaking the NPC's records to my liking was a very time consuming process though. In many cases, I would have to choose what inventory items I wanted for specific NPCs besides the face characteristics.

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Hey thanks for the reply. I figured something like that would have to be done. I was surprised that a patch for YUP and FCO was not already made. :/ Unfortunately though, I am not knowledgeable enough with FNVEdit to know how to make a custom patch. 

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One thing to check is the ini tweak bLoadfaceGenEGTFiles. make sure that's set to 1. New Vegas will always have some neck seams, but that tweak will stop silly things like white heads on black and spanish bodies.

Yea I have that checked. In fact, I have it set to 1 in BOTH .ini files to make sure that it works properly. I am not having the mismatched head/body issues thankfully. Aside from when the bodies turn purple. It's a shame because I think the mod is really great and I think a lot of effort was put into it. Though I am not sure if at this point the author has discontinued work on the mod since people in the comments are saying that the author's website for instructions has been down for some time.

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In the interest of keeping my load order as conflict free as possible, I have decided to use neither FCO or NVR3. Nor any other mass beautification mod. I think this is the right move for now. At least until someone can figure out how to make everything work together nicely.  

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