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Hey! First off, I'd just like to say hi, and thanks for creating what seems to be the best Mod Organiser. Unfortunately, I'm having a bit of a problem.
So. I've downloaded some mods on my laptop here, and moved them across to my desktop, then opened them with MO via install from archive, after following videos to get everything setup correctly. Everything has been installed fine, all compatibility patches are installed, load orders are fixed and minimal conflict. However, when I run from SKSE after enabling all of the .esps in the right tab, and pressing RUN, none of these mods are activated, absolutely nothing. No SkyUI, no audio etc. Nothing. So, I decided to run a second time by opening the Skyrim Launcher through MO and by pressing RUN, and when I had a look in the Data Files, there's nothing there Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire.
My install location for mods is in C:/Program Files (x86)/Mod Organizer/mods, and my DATA directory in the Steamapps folder has never had any mods installed to it before. In order to get these mods working properly, what should I be looking into doing? Everything is fully updated, including the game and the Organiser itself. I've searched relentlessly for the last 3 hours and cannot find anything; I'm completely out of options, so I'm turning to you guys for help! I think I've included everything that could be of use, anyway. Thanks in advance!

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Post the contents of the current selected profile. There are a number of text files in that folder that show what is installed/active/deactivated/etc. This sounds like a case of you not actually activating anything but until you provide us with something to examine, we can only guess.

Additionally a copy of the modorganizer.ini would be helpful and whether any of the folders for the various programs are in UAC folders.

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Sure thing. I've included the full Profiles folder, as well as the modorganizer.ini text file.


Edit: I couldn't attach the .rar file I made of the Profile folder, unfortunately, I don't have permissions. So I attached each individual .txt file instead. Hopefully, this should be everything that you need, but please let me know if you need anything else.


I can't help but think there's a text file somewhere that needs to be told that mods are no longer in DATA in Steamapps/Skyrim, but are instead in the Mod Organiser folder, but I could be wrong?







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Is that the only copy of your ModOrganizer.ini? It's showing the program hasn't completely initialised as there are a lot of settings not in your file.


Grab the latest FULL archive version of MO and install it into a location away from C:\Program Files, just to be sure it isn't an UAC issue, and then move your 'mods', 'downloads' & 'profiles' folders into that folder. Check in the MO settings that the location to those places is pointing to the correct folders. (In a new installation those folders will be selected by default, but just to make sure.)


Now start MO. All the settings for SKSE, Skyrim, etc. should automatically be set, but again, open the 'Executables' settings to check that everything is pointing to where they should be.

Secondly, check the 'Archives' tab in the right-hand pane to see if you have MO managing your archives, enable this if it isn't and then place a checkmark next to every BSA listed below that option.

You apparently haven't got any outside tools installed like LOOT, so with either MO's 'Sort' tool, or manually, adjust these plugins into the correct order. Best to start with just a minimal set to make this task easier, that may need you to create a new profile and activate only those absolutely needed mods.

At a later stage, assuming all of this goes to plan, you should install these extra tools so that they can be used from inside MO.


Lastly start the game using the SKSE button and see if your game starts with these mods active. Post the contents of the 'logs' folder here immediately after trying.


Just to clear up something that you may have missed, there should only be the original plugins from Bethesda in your Data folder, everything else will be added in on runtime by MO through some VFS trickery.

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