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According to the STEP instructions, step can be used as a base for further modding, including skyrim revisited. I not sure if this quite true, as there are many differences between the two systems. However, although I would prefer your approach, I had to scale things back as skyrim revisited almost caused my computer to melt LOL. I still plan to try it when I get a better computer



In the light of this affirmation in the step guide, maybe it would be useful to add to your method information indicating which of your steps are identical to STEP and where they are differences. So basically a flag for "not used" or "different options" or same. This way someone could easily make an MO profile to switch between a STEP core and an expanded skyrim revisited


This is just a suggestion. Not sure if a lot of people would find that useful or if this is just me. Ever since I discovered MO I've been thinking in terms of profiles, I'm planning a vanilla, step core, step expanded, step packs, personal preferences and then character profiles.

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They are really very different approaches, different opinions etc. STEP team did want SR:LE to work like a pack for STEP but not likely to happen, it is better how it is an alternative more wholistic approach. That said you can add various packs to STEP and get something similar to SR, but with more options.



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