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Crafting 300 - Armoury of Tamriel


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Crafting 300 - Armoury of Tamriel version 2.0 WIP


Its always been a good mod, but the team working on it now for a 2.0 release is stellar.


I'd like to see the graphics evaluated for inclusion in TPC.


The full mod itself is a fabulous concept for smithing and starts from a very lore friendly and realistic base, definitely a candidate to be thoroughly examined for a gameplay pack.

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This is a fantastic overhaul for Skyrim's smithing. Not that the original concept is overly bland, but this one massively expands the system - it seems to make smithing an exciting experience, as opposed to a utility chore, the designs are great and it's completely lore friendly.


Not to mention realism. I mean let's say as a smith you have a favorite weapon design and you come up with cutting edge alloys. wouldn't you wanna apply that design to that specific alloy? Daedric orcish greatswords and the sort :P


The only question here is that of balance. What it does to overall game experience with the weapon capabilities and skill progression.


Excellent features, I hope this somehow finds it's way into Step ;)

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