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This is my first time installing STEP. I have reached section 2-L and ran into a problem. When installing the Smooth Blade Draw and Sheathe I get a warning of a missing master file known as MoreSoundOption.esp. I cannot find it. I have extracted and examined every download on the page and it simply is not there. I wish to know what I should do. I have been working on this for days, (my internet speed is capped at 1.5 mb/down and .2 up)so I don't want to just give up.

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I answered you over here: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/1451-smooth-blade-draw-and-sheathe-by-vanaran/?p=128022


In the future, please do not post the same posts in multiple locations. This would be the better place to post support questions so I'll repeat here:


ADS_MOS.esp should not have been installed. We only use ADS.esp in STEP. This is probably why you're getting a missing master, because STEP doesn't use what mod that installs MoreSoundOption.esp.

I sounds like you install the optional file on the Nexus mod page. That shouldn't have been installed. Just the main file.

I've updated the mod page to be more specific.

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