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Anyway to automatically update the mods?



So the reason I need to do this is because I haven't played Skyrim in a while so I wanted to get back on. When I went into Mod organizer I checked for the updates to all the mods I have, and to my surprise there were over 50! This is why I need to know if there is an Automatic Update feature for the mods. Thanks in advance.

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No, there is no such feature - and there shouldn't be one. A new version of one mod might be incompatible with another mod in your LO that was previously no problem at all; new optionals could be necessary on occasion or new patches might be needed from other mod authors, the inis might need adaptations and so on and on and on ..

Any automated system that doesn't pass the Turing Test could not do it, any that does, should not do it.

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