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Which mod needs support, SKSE or SKY UI? im having a conflict....


Hello again STEP Moderators & Community.


i have another issue while SKY UI with SKSE USING  Mod Organizer.

the game started up well until i got a notification with error code 1

now doing my research it means either the SKSE is outdated or not running.

from what i can remember....


i tried re-instaling both the 1.7.2 and the 1.7.3 version of SKSE and got the same error.

re instaling sky-ui for nexus, steam workshop{ not my best idea but i was a bit desperate for answers/results.} .


my currently installed SKY UI from the nexus 7 and version 1.7.3


both installed using the step guide


does either of the mods need updates?

when will they be available?


if anyone is having this issue / and or have a solution for my problem please share.

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Sorry I didn't realize that using the beta would fix it thanks :)

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