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Would be awesome if MO officially incorporated the "CONFIGATOR"



Fallout 3 Configator


New Vegas Configator


I realize M.O. has it's own built-in "INI Editor" and "Configurator", but they're limited by comparison. Interface with the 'Configators' is much more user-friendly, organized (NPI) and intuitive. Would be awesome if you could select a profile, launch the Configator through M.O. and tweak the heck out of that profile.


I know it's a bit of a stretch here, but couldn't Tannin (hey Dude!) reach out to Rudolf Enberg and/or Ruuttu and get permission/support to officially incorporate?


This would be such a huge asset to M.O. IMO. Thoughts Ladies and Gentlemen?



edit: Hey, my second post=) Please don't hate me.

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These tools, and the Skyrim equivalent, can be run through MO, however it involves changing the tool's settings for every profile you have.

As they only look to one location for the INI files, you can change it to see your current profile's INIs but as soon as you change profiles, you will need to change the setting again, and again, and again. Very tiresome.

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