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Stuck in windowed mode when running Skyrim through MO



System Specs: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:OSheaman/SystemSpecs


Running MO 1.3.6


I just built a new comp so this is a fresh install of Skyrim off Steam (although I had 300+ hours on the old comp). Have barely installed anything--MO, TES5Edit, SKSE, LOOT, Wrye Bash and added the executables to the MO list. Now any program I start from MO, including Skyrim and SKSE, runs only in windowed mode. Tried running MO as administrator. Can confirm that SKSE loader running by itself loads to fullscreen so this seems to be something I've screwed up at the MO level. Any thoughts?

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I think you are looking at the wrong place for the ini files.


  1. Open Mod Organizer
  2. Click the puzzle Puzzle_mo.png menu and select Configurator
  3. Go to Display and click Advanced
  4. Set bFull Screen to true to make it go full screen
  5. Click Save and Close
  6. Play and see if that fixes it
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