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Missing masters when MO manages HiResTexPacks?


Just rebuilt an extended install and about to build the bashed patch. Loot claims the three HRT packs are missing masters for the UHRP. The "MO Manage Archives" box is ticked and the following BSAs are ticked in archives, unticked in plugins:

  • HRTP01
  • HRTP02
  • HRTP03
  • STEPVanOptTex01
  • STEPVanOptTex02
  • BWS

Am I missing a procedure somewhere or is my MO borked and not handling those archives properly?


EDIT: I noobed it and forgot to move the the UHRP.esp into optional

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      Disclaimer: Dawnguard's master file should be cleaned twice. Follow the instructions as per the video, and then go back and clean Dawnguard.esm once more. The issue is benign, but there's no harm in it and LOOT will continue to warn you about dirty edits if you do not.


      Also not 100% sure but couldn't find it mentioned anywhere. Do I have to clean the Official Highrestexturepack.esp files?

      Steam - Up to date
      Skyrim - Cleaned and up to date
      Loot - up to date
      IE - up to date
      TES5Edit - up to date
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