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Step Texture Combiner?



It would be easier to install Step if textures without esp's could be installed seperately like TPC (Texture Pack Combiner).


I guess this would be difficult to make such a program or conflicting?

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There is a program which picks up after the outdated TPC and goes by the handle SMC (Skyrim Mod Combiner). Rarely anyone mentions that it even exists. I found out about it myself after looking around some forums.


I don't think TPC could even be called a program because all it was is several batch files that do basic windows operations (copy, cut, paste). The main feature was able to use separate predetermined folders to combine texture mods.


SMC does a lot similarly but it has updated list of which textures/meshes you can combine (they do replace whatever the developers deem a better replacement) and gives a lot control because of its GUI, something TPC lacked.

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SMC works very well and is easy to use once you get to know it, however I would caution that you need to pay close attention to what you are putting into your pack in terms of compatibility with other things in your load order. I had issues with SMIM and a few others, in terms of load order placement. By that I mean that because of other things in my load order, I needed SMIM, for example, to be in one position and other items within SMC to be in another position, but since they were all together in SMC I lost the flexibility of moving them about individually. 


I also discovered that as I became more experienced with modding and had clearer ideas about the look I wanted for my game and what worked best with my ENB, SMC became more of a hindrance than a help to achieving my desired outcome. This is no fault of the program at all, I just found I enjoyed my results more when I could personally tweak things just so. I do still use it for keeping all the little textures together and neat, clutter and so forth.


Finally watch out for your vram- when initially using SMC I found myself like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of money and grabbed absolutely everything. Doing this caused me to hit the limits of my card (3gb) resulting in CTDs


Hope that helps!

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