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Blackthorn - Buildable Town in the Rift (Ld50365)

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SO, it appears I have been beaten to the punch. This is very similar to a project I WAS going to be doing, but it looks like it's no longer needed. An entire buildable town - though it does have a few 'cheat' items in it, those are only there if you activate them, form the description. 300 + building options, looks like decent build quality from the screens, and specific storage areas for pretty much every major (or minor, from what I can tell) collection.


Guess I won't have to do this myself after all. Even if it has issues, hats off to this guy for even taking the attempt.


From the Description Page:


Blackthorn is a large Hearthfire inspired buildable player home/town with over 300+ build options to choose from, it also includes plenty of Safe Storage, Hearthfire Style Planters, Armor Mannequins, Displays for Dragon Priest Masks, Claws, Black Books, Paragons, Weapon Racks, Display Cases, New Merchants, Indoor Smithing Area, Plenty of room for Followers and Multiple Adoption Friendly..

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