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Have I fracked things up?



Late (err, early in the morning) on day three of my "let's see what Skyrim looks like in 2015" misadventure, I successfully completed an Extended install after *finally* discovering the -forcesteamloader argument. Joy was had. In that giddy state of mind I decided to to tackle DynDOLOD after listening to Michael's reassuring voice for another half-hour and, sum-na-gun, it worked. More joy was had.


Sadly, I have a touch of OCD and noticed the Vampire and Traps esp's were no longer needed yet there was the clutter so off to the Optionals they were banished. Of course I remembered to hit LOOT up for quick re-order and there was something about having to rebuild the bashed patch whenever mucking about with mods coming and going so back to WRYE we went. Lo and behold, I noticed the instructions to tweak "Crime: Alarm Distance" had escaped on the first go around so I complied, forgetting to Deselect All first.


Whoopsiedoodles. Hmm. Just throw out the patch and try again? Why not. Except that WRYE seems to have remembered the tweaks previously applied (Crime and Timescale are still showing the values I gave it earlier.)


My question then: Does WRYE just have a cache of what I last told it to do or are all those tweak values now embedded/applied in other places?


/me is a little intimidated my the god-mode tools we now get to play with


And while were here, should I be concerned that my STEP Extended Patch has a striking resemblance to John Boehner?


Your's in hunger,


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