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Do I really need to install the DLC in a specific order?



-Distant Decal Fix

-Unofficial Skyrim Patch

-Dawn Guard

-Unofficial Dawngaurd Patch


-Unofficail Hearthstone Patch


-Unofficial Dragonborn Patch

-High Resolution Texture Pack


Does it really matter if DG, HS, DB and Hi-res packs are installed prior to all of this, since it installed itself when they get downloaded on steam?

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You aren't so much installing them as rearranging them. MO (which STEP preaches usage of) allows you to alter load orders. By placing them in the recommended order (and cleaning the files indicated), You get an effect where each DLC is building off the fixes to the main game. Now, as to if the DLCs need to be in that particular order, I imagine not, since none of them, to my knowledge, uses assets from the other two. That said, they were released in that order, and I imagine that they had the previous ones installed when they were developing the next, so it only makes sence to keep them in that order.

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The unofficial Skyrim patches are designed to be installed, and plugins ordered, in a specific sequence. This installation (priority) order in the left pane of MO is based on the installation order needed for these patches to work properly. The proper plugin load order is taken care of in LOOT.

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