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Unique, unaddressed issue



Hello STEP. I come to all of you today with a unique problem. I apologize for the vague title, hopefully this thread can help others in these eternal archives


This problem has been reported very rarely in the past, but im sure it has come to a few of you in your travels when modding skyrim. This unique problem occurs when the quest objective in the quest "the fate of the skaal" 'defeat the lurker' is completed, as soon as this quest objective is completed, if i open the world map for the remainder of my playthrough. even using console commands to bypass the quest objective or even completing the quest altogether strangely caused the game to CTD when opening world map. If anyone happens to know if there is any specific cause for this issue other then "check conflicting modz, generic problems, ect. then do inform me. Other then that, from the research i have conducted on this issue, most people have found work arounds through removing an INI file within their skyrim.ini which had to do with removing blood splatter, but since my issue is specific to completing this sole quest objective, i find it very strange and it this ini edit did not help me.  unofficial dragonborn patch seems to be unrelated to the issue as well, and with little to no solstheim mods other then texture mods, it seems this is indeed a unique issue.  I undertstand if this issue is mostly due to corrupted or bloated save game, but what i would like to know, is if anyone would happen to know a work around or any way i can somehow comeplete this main dragonborn quest without the issue re occuring.


-238 plugins w/ skyui

-only 1 map mod (quality world map)

-ini file blood splatter screen removal was not issue

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