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Adding New Mods have caused issues with my textures that persist after removing new mods.



After playing a few hours I decided to add a couple armor mods to my existing game. They were the two "dark souls" armors on the nexus and I thought they would be a great addition. Unfortunately, as I run Perkus Maximus on this save, after running the PaMa patcher, I have missing textures for Immersive armors and my Skyforge Weapons replacer mod has reverted to vanilla. 


I thought, ok this isn't compatible, but this is what MO is for, no problem install uninstall. However, the problems caused after adding these mods are removed. The old save persists with the same hiccups. So I deleted the sum patches and reran the patchers to make new patches. However the problems still there. So something isn't obviously not right. Any suggestions of where i can go from here?


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No missing .esps on that save. One thing i did just do is try to tick the Immersive armor esp that's listed as a dummy and see if that returns the textures. It did. But according to what I know, that's not how the Archive management is supposed to work. So I saved it with the fixed textures and unticked them in the plugin pane as before. Restarted the game and and textures returned. While that fixes the issues, its a strange thing that I had to do that, when, unless this mentioned somewhere, i shouldn't have had to do that.

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