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Separate Spoiler button


Would there be any chance of adding a spoiler button near the quote button, rather than having it hidden in the Special BBCode menu? I've noticed quite a few people that aren't even aware there is a spoiler option, and that it needs to be typed out manually each time, including GrantSP:


There isn't a button on the toolbar that does it, you will need to remember a bit of BBCode (Bulletin Board code) to paste in everytime.


It's pretty simple, once you know it.

[spoiler]text that you want to be in the spoiler[/spoiler]

Since spoilers are so useful and popular, I think this addition would greatly increase the usability of the forum.

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It is there, but it isn't the most obvious thing to see, as evidenced by this thread.

As it is the toolbar has a defined button for Twitter but not this oft-used bit of BBCode.

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Indeed it is. I have highlighted my main point in my OP. When people are trying to post spoilers, they are looking for a button labelled "Spoiler" not a button labelled "Special BBCode".

I think it would be worthwhile making it into it's own button, like "Image", "Code", "Quote", "Twitter" etc, as spoiler is just as widely used, if not more so, especially for the newest members when posting mod lists to get personalised assistance.

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yeah, I can see how people would miss it.

I dont know how hard it is to add a button the the wysiwyg

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Adding a button is not really an option, as it will not transcend skins or IPB updates (it is part of the editor interface, which will likely see an overhaul in IPB v4). This is something to post about on the IPB forums as a software enhancement.


Spoilers are pretty common on all forums, and the BB code is pretty simple. We have a custom spoiler here, and you can point people to this thread (it is already in this forum, so I have pinned it).

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