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Suggestions for returning to modded Skyrim 2015


Hey! So I've been playing modded Skyrim for about 2 years on-and-off. I usually go through phases. The first year or so I used Nexus Mod Manager and BOSS. After learning about how Mod Organizer keeps the main installation of the game vanilla clean, I switched to that. I also began using LOOT instead of Boss, as well as Wyre Bash and TES5Edit. 


My PC I built myself in mid-2012. It was pretty good to say the least. Here was (is currently) the setup:

Intel Core i7 3930K CPU @ 4.5ghz via Corsair Hydro H100 water cooling All-in-one

MSI Radeon HD 7950 Twin Frozr GPU 3gb OC Edition

ASUS x79 Sabertooth motherboard

Corsair Vengeance 16gb 4x4 1600 DDR3 memory

Corsair HX750 PSU

Windows 7 (and now 8.1) Professional 64bit installed on a Crucial M4 256gb SSD

I also have a Blu-ray burner, DVD reader, media card reader, and 7 other internal HDDs.


With that setup I could technically run anything in Skyrim. Maximum graphic mods, etc. The only time my frames went down was when I used all those heavy graphic mods + RealVision ENB Full. Now, RealVision is beautiful and my favorite ENB (I cannot go back). I had to turn off depth of field. 


Basically, my FPS was around 40-55ish outdoors (not counting forests + rain), and 60fps indoors, dungeons, cities. So the frames ranged from good to very good, but it was still annoying. I've realized now that my GPU is the thing holding back my performance by a lot (the CPU is still very much overkill).

I was originally going to upgrade to an AMD R9 295x2, which is a behemoth compared to my current GPU. However, my interest in the upcoming summer release of the AMD R9 390X is making me hold off. Additionally, both cards are more than capable of doing 1440p and 4k gaming. 


Anyway. I want to be able to play Skyrim with an outrageous amount of graphic mods, etc. Last time I played Skyrim I had about 200. I had them sorted in the right order and cleaned. But I still ran into CTD. I assume it was scripting errors, or me unable to properly allocate the Sheson memory patch, or having 3 followers in battle. Regardless, I want to avoid this as much as possible when I upgrade my system and play in 1440p or 4k.


Any suggestions for a future setup? I am going to try and avoid too many script-heavy mods. I also plan on only using 1 follower. But supposing I implement the memory patch correctly this time, and upgrade my system further, will I likely not see those CTD as much? 


Any tips at all would be nice.

For example.. about STEP.. am I supposed to install all the mods listed on their page list? I use RealVision, so should I install step mods first, or RealVision mods first? Lastly, because I used Mod Organizer, that means I can simply rearrange my current mods and re-check them and its basically like a fresh install right?


Sorry for the long post!

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Only time I see CTD anymore is when I save my game. So I use Autosave manager to help with that. ENBoost + Sheson memory patch cures all other CTDs for me.


Install STEP first, than RealVision. You may need to interweave some of the RealVision mods in with STEP.


You can simply rearrange and re-check your mods for a "fresh install." However, I find it much easier to setup a basic profile to build off (like STEP Core) and simply Copy Profile so I don't have to rearrange them so much.

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