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Cammera Flipping


Hello, for some reason i was playing and entered bleak falls and at some point every time i move to the right my camera flips as in the floor is up and im runing upside down. Closing the game and going back in fixes it for a bit, im trying to narrow down what exactly is making this behavior start.


Does anyone knows what might cause it???? 



Edit: Aparently its only while weapon is sheathed that the flipping occurs.


Edit2: If i relaunch it clears until i attack something and sheath my weapon then it happens.


Edit3: It appears to happen after certain killmoves, not sure which yet...


Edit4: Doing some more research it might be caused by certain body anymations, so trying to narrow it down, also the fact that im playing with a female character for the first time.


Final Edit: I fixed it by removing two animation files from \ModOrganizer\mods\UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT\meshes\actors\character\animations\female


The files where mt_runright.hkx and mt_walkright.hkx   


There appears to be a bug on those files regarding camera when its used on a player female character. If i knew how to open those files and see i would, but not up to the task right now, ill leave this solution here in case someone searches for this problem.

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