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Message of the Day [MO 1.2.18: Steam Update & Game Hang]


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Are you affected by the issue in question? If not don't worry about it. I believe that was something to do with Windows 8.x and MO being done over by a STEAM update.


If you're happily chugging away, game on and enjoy. Tannin's just sending that message out as a community service I'd say. :)

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      So yesterday i was playing skyrim as usual, but today steam updated Skyrim, and now when i try to run the game via the shortcut created by MO it opens the launcher and none of the mods installed by MO are loaded, i tried to create another shortcut but nothing changes, please help
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      Well, I think the title of the post is self-explanatory. Is Mod Organizer able to work around the .BSAs issue?
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