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How should I benchmark vanilla? (and some inconsistencies)


The STEP guide seems a little unclear about how I should benchmark vanilla, and what I should do in general before installing mods.


I guess my biggest problem is that the main guide doesn't make a note of where I should first benchmark. So, for example, when the benchmarking guide says to first benchmark with "All DLC," I'm not sure whether that includes Bethesda's Hi-Res pack, and whether I should first run DDSOpt and perform the other optimizations mentioned in the main guide.

Furthermore, the main guide says to simply accept Skyrim's presets for my hardware, but the detailed instructions actually tell me to tweak them in specific ways. Which one should I follow, and which one should I benchmark with?


Should I benchmark with the INI tweaks?


Thanks to anyone who helps.

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    • By krossbonzz
      I figured this time I might try the Benchmarking but after installing all mods up to the xp32 max skeleton (end of 2.D) I get a CTD immediately. This is my 3rd time installing the whole deal and I ran Skyrim before installing the mods extended version. So should that Benchmark note be omitted? Ideas? And thanks again to all the mod authors.
      The masters for some plugins (esp/esm) are not enabled.
      The game will crash unless you install and enable the following plugins:
      ADS.esp AOS.esp Animated Weapon Enchants.esp Book Covers Skyrim.esp Bring Out Your Dead.esp DeadlySpellImpacts.esp ExplosiveBoltsVisualized.esp RealisticWaterTwo.esp The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp TheChoiceIsYours.esp aMidianBorn_ContentAddon.esp dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
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      Hi everyonce after being insipred by elwaps benchmark for Steps found here https://forum.step-project.com/topic/9382-step-2292-complete-installation-benchmark-i7-3930k-gtx-680-4gb-8gb-ddr3-1333-ssd-windows-10/ I decide to have a go at benchmarking a (almost) base SRLE and here are the results.
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      Motherboard: Asus z97K
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      GPU: Asus Direct II NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
      SSD: Kingston HyperX Fury 128GB SSD (Windows 7)
      SSD: Samsung Evo 850 250GB SSD (Skyrim and Mod Organizer)
      OS: Windows 7 64-bit Professional
      Monitor: Acer K242HL 1920x1080 @60Hz
      I made one change compared to Base SRLE I decided to use Noble Skyrim HD 2K https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/45807/? instead of Skyrim Relistic Overhaul.
      I would also like a express my sincere thanks to elwaps without who I would never of completed this benchmark.

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