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Skyrim character creation menu & FOV



Hey there. This isn't really a bug, or anything wrong with the mods, it's more of a technicality during character customization.


I'm using Project enb (Climates of Tamriel preset) with DOF+SSAO. It's all installed nicely. Just that when I get to the character customization menu when starting a new game, DOF focuses on the background, instead of my characters face, because of the zoom proximity.


Now, this is a bit of a problem when trying to fine tune individual features like eyes, creases and brows.

I'm wondering if anyone bumped into this and maybe figured out a solution?



*Edit* Alt+tabbed out a couple of times, might be a fluke, but FoV stalled out for a bit, allowing my character to focus. Saved in the aftermath and relaunched Skyrim, allowing FoV to reinitialize. Not sure if this can be repeated, but it let me finish my work at least - still hoping for suggestions on other possibilities.

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Very common issue with DOF. The solution is simple. Just hit Shift+F12 to disable while creating your character and again to reenable when you are done. ;)


Also a good little trick if you encounter long loading times as well. :)


Edit: And yes Farlo, I know that's basically the same thing you said. I just added the command to do it is all. :P

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It's a problem with all Post Processors, the effects don't turn off when you enter the menu screens because bethesda didn't give the developers anything to hook.  Just use the hotkey.


Its particularly annoying with dof because  in a menu there is no z order so everything is equally blurred.

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