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Installation questions (vividian and serious hd)

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Hi, I'm following the instructions step by step but I have some questions

1- I install Vividian presets and the guide says that I should merge them with tes5...but If i do so, tes5edit tells me that i can't do any merge due to a missing esp (obviously is wearable lanterns that will be installed at the end of the guide). What should I do? Should I install every mod without worring about order, merge etc and do all the boss order and merge at the end?
2- I'm installing aMidianborn Solsteim Landscape and the guide says 

Special Installation: Do not install the following file(s) and/or folder(s):

  • textures/dlc02/landscape/dlc2basaltcolumnsingle*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)
  • textures/dlc02/landscape/dlc2basaltside*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)
  • textures/dlc02/landscape/dlc2road01ash01*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)
  • textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_darkcliff_01*.dds (Serious HD is superior.)
  • textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_rocks_01*.dds (Serious HD is superior.)
  • textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_tundra_01*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)
  • textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_tundra_03*.dds (Serious HD is superior.)

I noticed the * but i don't know what they stand for... I delete ONLY dds...as the guide doesn't mention any normal map...

Once I install Serious HD the guide says I should only install 

Special Installation: Install only the following file(s) and/or folder(s):

  • textures/dlc02/landscape/dlc2road01ash01.dds
  • textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_darkcliff_01*.dds
  • textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_rocks_01*.dds
  • textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_tundra_01.dds
  • textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_tundra_03*.dds

So now I have the diffuse channel of SERIOUS HD but the normal map of the other mod.... Is it correct? Or maybe the * means "delete both texture.dds and texutre_n.dds ?"

I'm quite confused...

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1. Skip ahead and install wearable lanterns or wait on this one merge only until then. I suggest skip ahead and just make sure mod order is maintained.

2. * is a wildcard for any characters so in this case it includes both diffuse and normals.

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