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Skyrim Script Editor Pro starting MO copability


Skyrim Script Editor is a tool to replace the Creation Kit's default script editor. It provides the same functionality, as well as dozens of other features - some the same as other script editors, like Sublime Papyrus, and many unique to SSE. (You may find a list of all the included features below.) SSE is my way of giving back to the wonderful modding community.
This is a tool strictly for Skyrim modders, not mod users. If you don't understand it or the code being used, then this tool is not for you. It is used for the practice of Skyrim scripting. 


I'm now ready to finish MO support, what I need to know is in what folder "name" does MO store CK and SKSE scripts files, not the mod scripts files but the one from CK.
Also need feedback on the installation of MO files.


I'm in need of tester that will give feedback, good or not (I mean it! I really would like feedback), because it's the only way to create the best app possible.

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Hey Superl.


I just installed your software. Very nice looking installer. It gives the impression of care in your work when things like this look 'right'.


Anyway, enough of that, You don't need to know anything further about MO to use your tool. As far as it is concerned it is just working in the default directory.

If the user has the Creation Kit installed and also installed the SKSE source files, and those are active in MO's VFS, then your tool will just find them.


I did three quick tests.

I have Hunterborn installed which also includes the source for the scripts, they are all prefixed with "_DS_HB", so I clicked 'File Open' and in your search box at the top started typing those characters. Voila, there they are and I can select one of them.

Next I went for a script from the CK, I chose: abForswornBriarheartScript.psc. Again, no problem it finds it and loads it easily.

Now for a SKSE script. These scripts, like my other mods, are installed in MO and don't exist in Windows file tree, but again a script like: ActorValueInfo.psc is just automatically located and loaded.


So are there any issues with editing these scripts? Not as far as I can see, I haven't created any new ones or made changes to existing ones to see if they get saved correctly, but I can't see why this tool would do anything differently to any of the other tools used.

The saved tools will either overwrite existing files, if they exist in the VFS, or possibly be created and appear in the 'overwrite' folder where the user can deal with them.


I don't do a lot of script work, actually none, so I can't provide real-life experience, but these tests would cover most issues I think you will face in MO.

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Thank you


Did you did all that without installing the compatibility plugin, if what you are saying it will run without any change, need to get that verified, because I don't get it

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What compatibility plugin?


I just grabbed your installer, installed it to the default location:

C:\LuJoSoft\Skyrim Script Compiler Pro\SkyrimScriptCompilerPro.exe


Added it to my MO installation which is in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer\


This means, at least for me, that my MO mod location is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer\mods\


My Skyrim likewise is in the default location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\


I have full admin rights on my system and UAC issues have never occurred with any tool I use for Skyrim or any other game.

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So I'm creating that plugin for nothing nice to know, that means that this project is close to the end, just need to take care of bug fix and extra demands, I'm so happy

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